thoughts on photojournalism…


Why is it that a photojournalist (or anyone for that matter) who is new to a place can see things that someone who has been there a long time does not see? Maybe it’s choosing to turn a blind eye…perhaps it’s just being too busy to stop or at least slow down enough to see…jaded eyes unable to see…? I suppose there could be many more things to consider about that. What I am really wondering tho is how can I change so that I can see the stories that are in my own back yard? I know they are there. I want to find them, learn about them, photograph them and tell others about them. If I do a good job maybe others will learn to look, think and remember too. I’d like that.


What is “it” that makes an image something you can not take your eyes off of? I don’t know…exactly. I know “it” when I see “it”…and you probably do too. “It” is in a magic moment…an expression of emotion, the perfect light, an action frozen…this and more creates that “it” in an image. Sometimes you have perfect scientific control…other times all is completely chaotic and orderless. Yet in these two extremes…and everywhere in between…”it” lives.

side note… keep an eye on the sky

Lucifer falling into twilight… “For the past several months, dazzling Venus (in the past aka Lucifer) has been prominent in our morning sky. During this month, however, the planet will slowly fall back toward the Sun and will sink deeper into the twilight each consecutive morning.” from


Mindfulness & Photojournalism

A thought I have just had about describing my own passion and love for photojournalism is that when I am looking at something through my camera I am totally focused (OK small pun) on that moment.  I am completely mindful of what is in front of me, how I relate to the situation and how I can look for and find that one instant that can truthfully portray that moment.  My joy then is when others look at that image and see it too.  And even though I may have had the intention of portraying an aspect of that moment, anyone who looks at that image may see other facets that to them was also captured.