Quito ~ Puerto Lopez

Plane, Taxi, Bus


depart Quito 1:10pm

arrive Manta 1:50pm

taxi from Manta Aeropuerto to bus terminal… about 15 – 20 minutes

bus from Manta to Puerto Lopez… about 2 – 3 hours


today is our 26th wedding anniversary!!!

we were talking about how we’ve known each other now for 28 years… dating one year and being engaged for one year… now married for 26

we’re having a blast!

where’d she go!?

the plane ride in to Manta was short and sweet… about 30 minutes

once we were on the ground we took a taxi from the airport to the bus terminal where we would ride down to Puerto Lopez

the transition from the taxi to the bus was really swift…

while i was paying our cab driver Deb found and hopped on the bus to PL… but my back was turned and i didn’t see her get on

so when i turned around she was not there! i instantly began calling for her… the dudes around the bus were yelling at me “Puerto Lopez! Puerto Lopez!” and pointing at a red and white manglaralto bus

that’s the bus we need, but where’d Deb go? …panic setting in i kept calling her name

then i looked in the bus door and in the dark interior i could see Deb waving at me… whew!

i jumped on board and just like that we were off to Puerto Lopez

…i should note here that i am writing this in retrospect whilst reclining in a hammock in front of our cabin… see the picture Deb took

we’re changing rooms a little later cuz we were only able to book this one for one night, but this complex, Hosteria Mondala, is beautiful and i’ll be taking a lot of pictures… when i get around to it 🙂

Parque Los Frailes

i can’t wait to load the pictures i shot today!

we rode a moto taxi… a three wheeled motorbike with a cab behind the driver… to Parque Los Frailes which is part of the Ecuadorian national park system

Julio, our driver, was awesome and the ride to the park was about 20 minutes

the park is along the beach… actually three distinct beaches separated by cliffs that jut out onto the water

we hiked through the first beach, up to the vista lookout on the top of the first cliff and along the trail to the rest of the park

the hike in and then back out again was about three hours, but we could have easily spent that much time just at the tide pools at the base of the cliffs… it was very fun to see that!

i don’t know when i’ll be able to upload more pictures from today… hopefully soon!

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