my back yard stories II

I am caught up with a couple of the images and stories that have been nagging at me so now I am ready to begin work on stories I found…and will find…here in Boise.

Welcome to the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games

“this is what i saw”

About this time last year…as winter began to come on…Boise was all abuzz with an exciting world wide event that was going to take place in February 2009.  That event was the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games and all the Special Olympics staff were in high gear getting all the details ironed out for all the events…they had been at it already for most of 2008…now the torch-light was at the end of the tunnel and all their hard work was ready for the world.  My story begins with the director of the speed skating event and venue, Michael Massett.  I have been blessed to know Mike and because he was aware that I am a photojournalist he invited me to document the goings on at the speed skating venue.  How could I say “no” to that?!

The venue for the speed skating event was at Idaho Ice World.


It was an excellent venue and the rumors were that there were fewer issues for this venue and the speed skating events than any of the others.  Of course I’m only repeating hearsay…  :~)  From my limited viewpoint everything really did go very smoothly.

The real stars though…as with all the events…were the athletes.

The first thing I saw when I saw the athletes were their smiling faces.  They seldom did not have smiles and it was infectuous and wonderful to  be around.

One of the athletes from the Netherlands is excited even before her race gets started.

On the ice and off the athletes displayed a joy and enthusiasm that was also a joy to document.