Some old news that has never been said before.

I know, I know…  I need to post more oftener than this!  I’m not making any promises here, but I will try, OK?

I have been keeping as busy as I can doing photography work (that four letter word… photography is not really work for me) and still keep my 8-5, M-F job.  Sometimes my wife is a photo widow because of it.

I took pictures of the Ultimate Big Sky Sectional finals in April Big Sky Sectionals

Ulti_BigSky_Sectionals 4.19.15_102

And the Boise Ultimate Scene Youth (BUSY) championships in May BUSY Championships 5.18.15 and BUSY Championships 5.19.15

BUSY_Playoffs_5.18.15_038          BUSY_Playoffs_5.19.15_052

After these I did some freelance work for a guy who has a couple kids that play lacrosse.  Made a little extra cash there.

RMHS_LAX_5.5.15_047       Ben_5.14.15_108

Last week my daughter, Hannah, asked me to take some shots of her sporting a new look.  Those images are here Hannah


But the thing that is prompting me the most to write a blog post is what I did last night.  I have been going through a lot of my old images and found some that I realized have never been shown outside of my house or school.  These images are 20 some 30+ years old and I have really been enjoying revisiting them and putting them in a new gallery on my website.  I won’t include all the details about them here, but I did put captions of some of them.  So here’s the link to that Old News


There is one image in this gallery though that is over 40 years old (1974 or 1975) .  When I first began shooting for the Fullerton Daily News Tribune I was given a Yashika Mat twin lens reflex camera and a gargantuan potato-masher Singer flash.  I think the battery pack for that beast was about 10 pounds all by itself.  One night I was shooting a basketball game and as is often the case there was a loose ball that everyone was scrambling for.  The only thing was that they were all scrambling towards me.  Being the light footed dodger I RAN away.  But as I fled the scene I turned my camera towards the action and got off one shot. (Which in those days was about all you could shoot anyway.  Motor drives and any-frames-per-second were way out of my league.)  With the flash and hand winding the film I was lucky to shoot more than one frame per minute.  When I got back to the paper and processed the film I was really excited that I got a good clean shot of that moment.  The managing editor, Al Hewitt, wanted me to enter it in a news photo contest, but I was not a member of any clubs so that never happened.  What did happen is that this was one of the images that first helped me realize I really like shooting pictures and maybe I’m pretty good at it too. Shooting styles, techniques and equipment have changed a lot since then and you can see the differences pretty clearly.  But, for a 19 year old kid, this was pretty heady stuff.  I did not fully pursue being a news photographer until 1984 when I was newly married and had some influences to finish getting my degree. But I do consider the beginning of my photo journey to be 1974 when I began working at the Fullerton Daily News Tribune.  This is like one of those times that Doc “Moonlight” Graham talks about in Field Of Dreams. “It was like being this close to your dreams and then watch them brush past you like a stranger in a crowd. At the time you don’t think much of it. You know we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they are happening. Back then I thought well, there will be other days. I didn’t realize that was the only day.”  I was fortunate to realize that I had a second chance at being a news shooter.  I hope to find a new opportunity again.




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