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I have been a working photojournalist since 1974 and earned my degree in photojournalism (Communications/Photography) at Cal State University, Fullerton in 1986.  I worked at several newspapers in Southern California including the South County offices of the Orange County Register.

I have always loved gathering images of the world around me and sharing them with others.  It has always been difficult to say why shooting images is so much fun, so rewarding.  Then one day while listening to “This I Believe” on NPR radio, I heard Rick Moody say in his essay, The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading, “…High school was followed by college, where I read Umberto Eco’s Role of the Reader, in which it is said that the reader completes the text, that the text is never finished until it meets this voracious and engaged reader…”  At that moment I realized that photography is like that for me.  Unseen images are like the latent image – what is soon to be old fashioned – on film waiting to be dunked in the various chemicals and then revealed in the light.  The true image is revealed when it is shared in witness with others.

When you see these images you make them complete.  Look, think and remember these images…





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